Four Super-Cool Campfire Snacks To Impress Your Fellow Campers

Camp fire cooking instantly conjures up images of charred sausages served with a side of beans, but we’re here to tell you that camp meals don’t have to be boring! You don’t need special equipment or fancy ingredients to cook up some knock-out dishes. Follow our super-cool menu below, and you’ll soon be fooling your fellow campers into thinking you’re a gourmet, camp fire cooking legend. All you need are the basic ingredients, a skillet and a pair of tongs.

1. Camp fire Omelettes Cooked In Orange Skins!

Cut an orange in half and remove the fleshy fruit (make sure you don’t cut into the skin!) Put the two empty orange “cups” to the side. Whisk together one egg and a small amount of grated mature cheddar cheese. If you want to be creative you can also throw in a few slices of cooked ham, or left over veggies. Once you have enough of the mixture, pour it into one half of the orange cup and use the other to place over the top like a lid. Using tongs, place directly onto the camp fire coals. After a few minutes, the mixture will begin to solidify. Once firm, you’re ready to eat!

2. Onion Meatloaf

This one requires a little bit of cheating as you need to make your meatloaf mixture ahead of time, but if you prefer you can just use a little minced beef. Take a large raw onion and cut it in half (leave the skin on). Remove most of the centre of the onion. Place the prepared meatloaf mixture into the onion shell, cover it with tin foil and tuck it into the coals. After about 20 minutes you can brown the top of the meatloaf by placing more coals directly on top of the tin foil for a few minutes. Serve with jacket potatoes, which can also be cooked in foil on the camp fire. Smoky deliciousness!

3. Campfire Popcorn Mid-Afternoon Treat

Take 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels and a couple of tablespoons of butter (for extra yumminess, you could also throw in a tablespoon of chocolate chips!) Mix everything together and seal the ingredients inside a pouch of heavy duty aluminium foil (make sure to leave room for the popcorn to pop!) Dampen some string, and a small stick (so they don’t catch fire), and tie a corner of the pouch to the stick. Shake over the fire until the popcorn is done!

4. Boozy Late Night Cheese Fondue

Fancy a midnight snack? This is best made when the fire has died down leaving only the glowing embers. Take a large piece of heavy duty aluminium foil and a soft wheel of cheese in its own rind – something like a Brie or Camembert is perfect. Pierce the cheese with a fork and pour over a small amount of brandy, so it soaks into the holes. Seal the parcel, and place onto the smouldering camp fire (do not place on a direct flame). Turn the cheese over every few minutes so it gently melts right through. Take some large hunks of chunky white bread and dip!

We realise that spending time around the camp fire can be one of the most memorable parts of any camping trip, and for this reason ALL of our sites have open fire rings which can be used for cooking and socialising. At Neurum Creek Bush Resort we encourage our guests to enjoy the delights of cooking outdoors, and we host a range of cooking events throughout the year just for fun.
Our “Australia Day Annual Pie Bake Off” has become famous with our regular visitors! Why not get your apron on and give our recipes a try?

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If you have any favourite camp fire recipes then send them to us – we would love to hear about them!


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