Back To Nature: 3 Reasons To Go Camping

camping.jpgCamping can be great fun, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons. It can be the easiest and best way to leave your daily life behind for a few days and get back to nature. It truly allows you to experience the outdoors, fresh air, cut grass, pine trees – things usually taken for granted. Whether you have wanderlust or are just looking to kick up your heels, here are some reasons why camping never gets old.

1. Fun for Everyone


Adults can relax and enjoy the scenery while the children go off to play, take a bike ride to do some sightseeing or hike up a mountain to see some amazing views. What more could you want?


Children can take part in group sports and games activities arranged by the camp site or themselves. Exploring the outdoors can provide heaps of entertainment, especially when water is involved.


Dogs can come too! Release them into a field and they’ll be sniffing and running for hours. Though do remember to clean up after them.

2. Barbecued Treats

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Nothing beats a good hot dog, especially when you wrap it in bacon. Grilled to a salty-crisp crust, it is delicious on a bun with a simple squeeze of ketchup or mustard.

Chocolate Banana Boats

These camp-fire classics will go down a treat after those hot dogs. Just slice the peel, pop some chocolate inside, wrap them in foil and wait for the magic to happen. Add some marshmallows for ooey-gooey goodness.

Fruit Kebabs

For a healthier choice, transform ripe fresh fruit into a delectable treat by brushing a selection of fruit with light honey syrup and some cinnamon. Strawberries, bananas and pineapple work best.

3. Cost Effective Facilities

Camp Sites

Camp sites encompass all a holiday-goers basic needs including accommodation, food and a variety of activities. Should you have a tent, a caravan, a motor home or a camper trailer all you need to do is pack and go.


The better camp sites know how to camp in style, providing their customers with clean toilets, hot showers and on-site assistance should you need it.


Just in case you forgot something, camp sites and the surrounding areas will have plenty of shops and markets for you to browse through. No mess no fuss.

Camping is a long known traditional family holiday for a reason – it brings you together and allows you to make some fond memories. It’s also good to get outdoors once in a while and experience the beauty of nature.


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