Camping Trips For Couples

Camping is always ramped up to be a type of holiday best enjoyed by the family. Campsites are generally set up with families in mind, offering lots in the way of general amenities to keep the kids happy and occupied at the same time. I’m here to tell you that the perfect couple’s getaway can be had under canvas. Let’s set the scene: the open fire, the wood crackling and smouldering, the smell of the wood smoke. You’ve selected a nice quiet spot and have everything you need, now it’s time to settle into a night where you only have eyes for each other.

Before you leave home you’re going to want to choose some suitable gear for your trip including a tent. Just because a tent says ‘two man’, does not mean it’s going to be what you want for your romantic couples break. A ‘two man’ tent usually has enough room for two adults lying next to each other, close to each other. That’s just what you’re after, I hear you say. Well yes, you do want to be close to your partner, but unless you want to keep the majority of your belongings in the open air, you are going to need a bigger tent. How big depends on your needs. The sensible thing to do is visit your local camping store and check out the tents that have already been pitched in the showroom. You’ll have a better idea of how much space you’ll need once you climb in and give it a dummy run.

Ideally, when you’re looking for a suitable campsite, you want a place that doesn’t cater for kids. I know they can be few and far between, but believe me, they are out there. I’m not saying that they’ve banned kids altogether, they just don’t have a mountain of water slides or an arcade filled with loud video games. You should look out for the small type of family run site, the kind of site that is set up for it’s location rather than it’s amenities. If you want to have the romantic camp fire, as described in the opening paragraph, you should check that the campsite allows them before you book. Also, the location you choose should be somewhere that is conducive to long romantic walks, an essential in building up an appetite. Another way of avoiding too many kids is to take your camping trip out of season.

As a couple, especially if you are in the first flushes of your relationship, camping can be just the bonding experience that you need. It will either set you up with a love of camping for the rest of your life, or you’ll be ditching the tent at the first opportunity and looking for the nearest hotel.


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