Five Things To Do In Queensland

With its breathtaking scenery, unique history and friendly people, Queensland attracts hundreds of thousands of holiday makers every year. Another reason why people come to this part of Australia is because of the wealth of attractions. Regardless of your age, whether you are pushing 90 or just starting to skip down the road, there’s something for everyone. Here is a short list of 5 of the “must do” things that you can’t miss out on when you come to visit Queensland.

Visit the Pristine Wilderness of Fraser Island

If you are looking for a mixture of wide open spaces, stunningly beautiful rain forests and clear still freshwater lakes, this is the place for you. This is the largest sand island in the world. You have a choice of touring on foot, by jeep, or you can simply take the tour bus.

Look into the Eye of a Whale in Hervey Bay

One of the most humbling experiences in a lifetime is looking into the eye of one of the largest mammals on the planet. Not only looking into its eye, but seeing it look right back at you. Hervey Bay whale watching is a spectacular and moving experience for all the family.

Marvel at the Spanish Castle at Paronella Park

Settled back into 13 acres of unbridled rain forest, the Spanish Castle at Paronella Park, North Queensland is something spectacular. You can take a guided tour, go at your own pace or take the hour long ‘Darkness Falls’ tour of the floodlit waterfall and castle area.

Visit the Famous Crocodile Hunter’s Australia Zoo

This expanding zoo on the Sunshine Coast was the brainchild of the late Steve Irwin, otherwise known as the famous ‘Crocodile Hunter’. As you can imagine, crocodiles are the main attraction here. There is the famous ‘Crocoseaum’ which seats 5,000 with 14 separate shows every day, as well as a whole host of other action from the diverse inhabitants.

Take an Unique Aboriginal Tour in Endeavour Valley

If you’ve ever wanted to understand a bit about the ancient Aboriginal culture, its heritage and traditions, a Guurrbi Tour in Endeavour Valley is for you. The wealth of knowledge that you will come away with from your Aboriginal guide will amaze you.

Whether you are a passionate native to Queensland, a person who is in love with our beautiful state, or you’re a tourist from beyond our borders, all are welcome. Make sure the next holiday destination that you are planning with your family and friends is Queensland. You will not be disappointed by what you find.


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