Getting Kids Used To Camping

kids_camping.jpgCamping is great fun for all members of the family, but it is especially fun for the younger members. It’s also the opportunity for the adults to have a bit of time away from the kids, all be it a few feet away, by getting the kids a tent of their own. Not only will you be giving yourself some well deserved breathing space, you are also providing your children with a rare opportunity to have their first independent experience.

Giving your children a camping-on-their-own experience teaches them so much. You can give them as much or as little freedom of movement as you want, or that you or they feel comfortable with. There is always going to be a little bit of fear in the beginning, sleeping in their own tent in the wide open outdoors. But you can ease them into it in stages.

First, try setting up a tent in one of the rooms in your home. You don’t have to worry about the tent blowing away, so you don’t need to hammer nails into your floor to secure the guy lines. All you need is a tent that is capable of staying erect on its own, with only the lines for added security. Putting the tent up in the front room and letting the kids sleep in it for a couple of nights will get them used to the interior surroundings.

Once they are used to sleeping inside the tent, in the house, you can move them out into the garden. This time they will be in the same interior surroundings but with the noises of the night surrounding them. You can even squeeze in next to them for the first night. Assure them that they are perfectly safe in the garden and that you’re only a small distance away. By the time you get to the campsite, your kids will be raring to go. Most kids are really up for the whole adventure lark. They can’t wait to get into the dark tent, switch the torches on, and scare each other a little with creepy ghost stories and the like.

Taking your children camping brings them a little closer to nature and closer to the way our ancestors have lived for millions of years. Hopefully you will be instilling a passion for the outdoors that will last them for the rest of their lives, a passion that they will pass on to their kids in turn.


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