3 Of The Best Camp Fire Games

camp fireCamping is one of the best holidays you can take yourself on. It’s even better to do it with others. The sense of adventure you get from sleeping underneath the stars in unparalleled. If you haven’t done it, you’re missing out on a real treat. Now, you can head off into the wild blue yonder if the fancy takes you, or you can opt for a little bit more creature comfort, like running water and a toilet and shower that you can use, if you stay in a nice campsite. And there are plenty of nice ones.

Here are some camp fire games you can play to get into the spirit of things, even if you’re not actually allowed to light a campfire. By the way, you can get some really good imitation campfires nowadays!

Truth or Dare

This has got to be the old favourite. The object of the game is for a question to be asked of a player. If they answer the question, but are deemed to have answered untruthfully, or if they refuse to answer the question, the player has to perform a dare. Once the dare is completed, it’s their turn to ask the question of another player. This game can be played in several different ways. For instance, there is an adult version where rather embarrassing questions can be asked and there’s the kids version where the questions are more innocent, if often funny.

Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is another source of great fun. The object of the game is for one person to think of a thing, but not to tell anyone. The other player or players then ask up to twenty questions to try and figure it out. The first person to guess correctly, wins.

Dead Fish

The object of this game is to act like a dead fish. How do you act like a dead fish? By being very still and doing nothing. One person walks among the group trying to spot movement. If he sees a flicker of a hand, a foot twitching, or any other movement, he will tag you and you’re out. This one can be hilarious if someone starts laughing.

If you have a roaring campfire, all the better, but you don’t need one. The fun comes from staying up late, the closeness and camaraderie, and the open sky above you. You can even revert to singing songs or telling ghost stories. Whatever you do, the object is to keep it simple and keep it fun.


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