Four Great Campsite Stick Foods To Go With The Marshmallows

camp fireIf you have ever been camping, you would surely have sat around the campfire with a marshmallow on a stick, slowly heating it before eating it and savouring the combination of grilled and sweet taste. These are the moments that define camping, sitting under the stars with close friends and family all around the fire, sharing stories whilst having a nibble on some campfire cooked food. However, have you ever wondered what other foods there are that you could cook in this way?

Of course, there are plenty and we are going to give you four great alternatives to the great marshmallow on a stick. Some are genius, some are a little bit complicated, but all of them taste fantastic!


Delicious and fairly simple to make. Not quite as simple as a marshmallow, but it is nice to have some variety when around the campfire. Simply make up your damper and roll it around a stick with some tin foil on it then ever so slowly rotate it over the fire. The dough really needs to be cooked evenly which is the tough part about this one. The usual rule of thumb is that if the dough sounds hollow when you tap it, it is ready. Then simply pull it off the stick, cover it in either jam or syrup and get eating.

Egg in an Orange.

It might sound a little bizarre, but do not worry as you will not be eating an orange with an egg. The idea is to cut an orange in half and empty out the insides so that it is hollow. You then get a pointed stick and thrust it through each side of the orange so that you literally have a basket hanging from the stick. Crack the egg into the orange, and hang it over some low flames for a good ten minutes before removing the stick and enjoying your superb egg.

Roasted Banana.

This is one of the easiest to do in our list, but we do recommend using a skewer rather than a stick if possible. Sticks can be dirty and should be cleaned completely before use. In a similar way to the marshmallow, all you do is put the banana on the stick or skewer and roast it for a few minutes above the campfire.


You might not have heard of this before as a type of campfire stick food but it can be done. Simply get some slices of bread, fill with mayonnaise and some slices of ham and cheese, cut into quarters and then skewer each quarter right through the middle making sure that it holds everything in place. Then toast them until all of the cheese has melted and enjoy.

So there you have it, four great pieces of stick foods that you can enjoy around the campfire. Of course, still bring the marshmallows, as no campfire would be the same without them, but these suggestions give you a nice bit of variety to go along with them. Just remember to set up the campfire safely and to make sure that it is properly extinguished before you leave.


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