Camping Holidays With The Elderly

Camping is still one of the best adventures that a family can take. It’s relatively cheap, without the usual constraints that are offered by more traditional indoor holidays and can be so much more fun. Family holidays often include the less robust members of the family, including the kids and the grandparents or other elderly family members. But don’t worry about it. The elderly don’t post many difficulties.

So long as your elderly companions are able to get up and move around freely, there’s really no reason why they can’t share in the camping experience. They have more than likely been there and done that. Camping was one of the most popular holidays for times gone by. So, your grandparents probably have more experience at camping than you do. The equipment may have changed over time, the tents have become better, the sleeping bags warmer and the blow up beds might now be self-inflating, but the overall camping experience is the same. It’s about getting back to nature. That’s something we’ve been trying to do ever since that first village hut took the place of a tent made out of bear skins.

The trick when travelling anywhere with the elder members of our families is to plan well in advance. You need to think long and hard about the needs of your companions. It’s bad enough to sleep on the ground as a kid, but it might be a problem getting down to the ground and back up again if you’re suffering from arthritis. There’s also the food to think about. The older you get, the more your food requirements become more particular. Again, it’s all in the planning. You can plan for any outcome before you leave home as long as you have the necessary knowledge. So, ask what they need before you plan.

One great alternative, one that you see with many families, is the younger members of the family take to the tents, while the elderly members have a bit more comfort and convenience that a motor home offers.

No matter which way you look at it, camping is not about stress. It’s about getting the most fun out of the outdoors that you can. It should be relaxing and promoting calmness of mind and body, so if you think that your elder companions are not going to suffer because of the camping trip, then you should go for it. Make sure you have all their needs catered for before you leave home and you are in for a wonderful family time.


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