Enjoying Camping With A Disability

If you suffer with a disability, you could be forgiven for thinking that going camping might be something that you might have to live without. However, with a bit of thinking and planning, camping can actually be something that you can enjoy just as much as anyone else. Camping is a cost effective holiday option that can be enjoyed by all, as you sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful nature that our planet provides us.

You will, however, have to deal with some fairly limited facilities, so it is always well worth thinking long before you travel so that you are prepared for just about anything.


If your disability is one that affects your legs, it might not be a good idea to bring along one of those tents that lie low. It will be difficult for you to crawl in and out, so perhaps you should think about using a house tent instead. A house tent has big doors that will allow you to bring your wheelchair through and you will not have to get down low to get inside.

If you do decide you want a low-lying tent, hammer a pole into the ground outside the entrance, as this can be used for you to hold on to as you lower and raise yourself. Additionally, most campsites will have staff on hand to help you put up your tent, so do not be afraid to ask.

Selecting your campsite.

You will have to accept that most campsites will not have the perfect terrain for those of you with disabilities, you are out in nature after all, whether that be in a mountainous or woodland area. However, some campsites will offer better assistance than others and will have thought more about what they can do to make the stay enjoyable for those with disabilities.

Check with potential campsites about the facilities on offer such as disabled toilets and showers and whether there will be anyone on hand to provide assistance when you need it. It is always worth bringing somebody else along with you if at all possible too, so as to provide you with both company and assistance.

Bring plenty of supplies.

Although many campsites will have shops on hand to supply you with what you need, it is always best to bring as much with you as possible. Bring lots of food, plenty of clothes and a mobile phone that you can use to contact friends and family. Ensure that you know how to use any new equipment such as camping stoves, as these can sometimes be quite fiddly.

Some campsites will even have nearby restaurants that you can use on days where you decide you want to be lazy instead, so make sure you find a campsite that offers you plenty of choice and convenience.

With all of those tips in mind, you should be able to go away and have an excellent camping holiday out in nature. A little bit of forethought, planning and preparation will ensure that you and whoever goes along with you, will enjoy a simple, yet very relaxing holiday. With so many different campsites all over the country, the best thing is that you can take these holidays regularly to ensure that you get to see parts of the country that many others have yet to see.


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