Carbon Monoxide Safety While Camping

You can never be too safe when you are taking a holiday. This is also true when you are taking your own home with you, in the form of a campervan, caravan or a simple tent. One of the best ways of enjoying yourself and feeding everyone around you, is firing up the barbie and sticking on a couple of steaks. As a result of you using the barbie, the smoke contains a gas called carbon monoxide. It is deadly poisonous, doesn’t have a colour and you can’t smell it. So what should you do to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors?

In low concentrations, carbon monoxide can produce illness which has often been likened to having the flu. You get a runny nose, upset stomach, headaches, vomiting, weakness and sleepiness. More severe cases can even result in death. In the past, before we knew that good ventilation was essential so that the fumes and gases from candles could be let out, many people died from inhaling fumes.

One of the ways to make sure you don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning is to make sure you keep a good distance between the barbie, or any open fire, and your sleeping areas. Never, ever put a barbie inside a tent. Even when the coals seem to be cooling with no smoke coming from them, there could still be a significant amount of poison gas. So don’t try using a smoke producing device, including your barbie, to heat the tent.

The same sort of advice can be attributed to a generator. Anything that produces a smoke by burning fuel will produce carbon monoxide as a result. If you are cooking on a gas stove inside the campervan or caravan, as most of us are, always be sure that there is plenty of ventilation to remove unwanted fumes. It is also important to have any appliance that runs on gas serviced regularly. You should also consider purchasing a carbon monoxide monitor to raise the alarm if the levels of the gas go above safe levels.

You can never be too careful when it comes to safety. Fire and smoke safety are no exception. Most people do not realise that most of the damage caused by a fire both to property and humans is through the smoke. Treat the fire and smoke that comes from your barbie with caution and you’ll have a wonderful time, great food and no bad consequences.


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