High Activity Fun Games For Warm Camping Afternoons

Let’s set the scene. You’re into the second or third day of camping. You’ve been exploring the local area, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the experience and novelty of sleeping out of doors. Now the kids are starting to get a bit bored. It happens. We love to get out in the open, to get the kids away from the TV and the video games, but unfortunately the video games are probably what your kids are starting to dream about, especially if you’ve even banned, or heavily restricted, the hand held consoles. It’s time to get back to the basics, to what it’s all about, having fun and adventure. What better way to have fun and adventure and laughter and magic than playing some high activity family games. Here are three you might like.

Red Robin

Red Robin is a game which needs something to run around, so it’s ideal for the camp site. First, decide what you’re going to run around, outline your course. It could be your tent or group of tents. Or you could make it a bit challenging. Start with one person who is IT – the Red Robin. The Red Robin announces that they are thinking of a kind of (game console, chocolate bar, breakfast cereal, car, etc.). The other players must shout out their guesses. When someone gets the right answer, that person and the Red Robin take off running in opposite directions around the chosen course. Whoever gets back first is IT – the next Red Robin.

Blob Tag

This game starts with three people holding hands in a line, the Blob. They must then chase after the other campers, maintaining their hand holds and trying to tag them. When someone is tagged, they must join one end of the line and the whole game starts again. The fun starts to ramp up once the line grows to six. It must split into two groups of three. The last three people to be caught start the next round as the Blob.


Once the afternoon is ending and it’s starting to get dark, this is the time for the Manhunt. Depending on the size of the group, the IT comprises two, four or six people. Everyone else hides. The manhunt begins with the IT players hunting for the hunted. Once the hunted are uncovered, they become the hunters. Play until the last camper is found.

You can always enlarge your group by asking your neighbours to join in the fun. Being outdoors is not just about living in the open and getting away from it all for a while, it’s also about becoming a part of a community of people with similar ideas. Neurum Creek Bush Retreat is one such community. The idea is always to have fun.


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