Where Can You Park Your Motorhome In Australia?

Australia is one of the best countries in the world for getting away from it all, exploring the wilderness of the outback and not getting any hassle for wanting to do it. That’s why Australia is one of the best countries if you are considering buying a motorhome. One of the most frequent questions people ask who are considering buying their first campervan is can they camp anywhere they want? The simple answer to this is no. Just as you cannot walk anywhere you want or drive anywhere you want, you certainly can’t park your campervan anywhere you want. Let’s take a closer look.

There are many areas in Australia where you can park your camper and obviously many areas you can’t. You cannot, for instance, park your camper on private property. Supermarkets and other businesses will have a big problem if you try to park in a private car park. There are plenty of camp sites which are available for you to park, at a fee and without a fee.

Each territory and state will have different rules and regulations about where you can free park, also known as freedom camping, which includes caravans and camper vans. To find out if the area you are going to visit will allow you to freedom camp, you need to contact them directly. There are many areas, both inland and by the coast, which allow you to camp or park up for free. You can legally park your van anywhere on the side of the road, so long as it’s safe to do so, not on private property and where a more suitable location would be just down the road. Most places are very friendly to tourists and if you’re unsure, all you have to do is ask.

Also, even if you are not staying in one of the many camper van sites on your route, you can still stop in the site and ask them to use their amenities. Most will allow you to do this for a very modest fee. You can use the showers, the toilets and more importantly empty your loo.

Travelling around Australia can give you a lifetime of pleasure and relaxation. If you wanted, you never have to spend any more money to stay in a camp site. Just be sure that you respect other road users by not parking in a place which is obviously obstructing traffic. Also, don’t park on obvious private property. Finally, if there are free pull up spots available for you to use, why not use them? They are normally chosen for your convenience, as well as other road users and they are usually in very pretty locations.


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