How To Choose A Light Camping Bed

When you are camping, it’s all about being in the great outdoors and being as close to nature as you can be without actually sleeping in the open air. The tent provides you with some protection against the elements, any bugs that might try to take a bite out of you and as a separation from your other camp mates as you bunk down for the night. When you go to sleep, you need to keep warm and comfortable. Your sleeping bag fulfills some of these criteria and your bed the others. What type of bed should you get that is easy to carry, yet comfortable enough to give you a good nights rest? That’s what we’re going to talk about with this article.

What type of bed should you choose?

The two main functions of any bed are insulation from the ground and support for your body. You might look at the comfort factor above anything else, not even taking into account the insulating value. However when you are out in the open, laying on the cold ground, you will begin to appreciate the need to isolate your core body heat from the earth. When choosing any bed, first make sure that this insulating factor is taken into account. Then you can try them out for comfort. How do you do this? By physically trying them out in the shop. Do they feel good while on a solid floor? If they don’t, how do you think they are going to feel on the rough ground in the open.

What are you using them for?

Now that you’ve seen if the beds are going to suit your comfort requirements, you need to figure out what you’ll be using them for. If you are going to stay in one location for the entire duration of your trip, arriving there through your own transport, you can choose something which is a bit more robust and you won’t need to think about the weight. If, however, you are planning on moving around and setting up your camp in a new spot every day or two, weight becomes a factor, especially if you are carrying the equipment on your back. So choose wisely.

Choosing a bed for your camping trip is not just about getting something that looks nice. It’s all about buying a bed that will suit your needs, provide you with insulation and finally with some comfort so you can get a good nights sleep. There are many different types of lightweight camping beds on the market for you to choose from – air mattresses, foam beds, self-inflating pads, or simple roll out pads. The choice is yours.


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