What Is The Ideal Camping Backpack ?

back-packWhat is the ideal camping backpack? This is like asking which is the best house, car or pair of shoes. There are so many variables for you to take into account before you arrive at the backpack or rucksack which is ideal for you. This is basically because we are all individuals with varying individual needs. In this article, I am going to look at a few different aspects which will help you decide which is going to be the best type of pack for your needs and your pocket.

You first have to think about what type of backpacking you are going to be doing. This is such a broad category. You should start by asking yourself a few questions. How long do you think you will need to carry the pack on your back at one stretch? For how many hours at a time and for how many days? Are you using your haversack to pack away your gear at home, throw it in the boot of the car, and store it in your tent once you arrive at your destination? Or do you intend using your backpack to move your gear from one site to another, carrying it on your back, as its creators intended?

Next, what type of person are you? I mean that in the sense of are you going to be strong enough to carry a lot of weight on your own shoulders, or are you going to play it smart and bring along a strong companion who can shoulder much of the burden on their shoulders? If you are a very sporty type of person, you might want to have multiple packs for different purposes. A small one for short hikes that take no more than a few hours, another for a full day hike and maybe even a third which can hold all your supplies for a week long rampage into the bush.

Finally, let’s take a look at price. How much are you willing to pay? I am asking this because you are always going to get what you pay for. Now if you’re not too bothered about your backpack failing while you’re out, then you can go cheap. But if you’re out in the back woods and miles from anywhere, a broken backpack could mean ditching a lot of your gear, or worse. Don’t penny pinch with this bit of gear, spend as much as you feel comfortable with.

As we’ve seen, there is a lot more to deciding which is the ideal camping backpack for you than you might initially think. What you consider to be the best pack, might be a terrible purchase for someone else, even if they are of similar height and build. Think about what you need out of your pack, how long you will be going on your trip for, what type of trip you are taking and how much you need to carry. Finally, spend the most you can to ensure a quality trip.


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