How Do I Choose a Sleeping Bag?

If you are getting yourself geared up for a camping trip, whether you’re taking your family out into the wilderness or choosing to stay at one of Australia’s great outdoor parks, there are a few things you are going to need and some you don’t really need but would be nice to take with you. How much you take all depends on the type of camping you are going to do. If you are walking, you’re going to have to stick to the necessities. But if you go by car and stay in the one location, your decision about what to take gets a lot less complicated. The first thing you need to buy is the roof over your head, in this case your tent. Once you have chosen your tent, the next most important and necessary piece of kit is your sleeping bag. That’s what we’re going to concentrate on in this article.

How do you go about choosing your sleeping bag? There are so many types of sleeping bag on the market and to the untrained eye, the range of options can seem very daunting. There are a few different categories of sleeping bag depending on what you are looking for. Much of it is to do with your personal choice and much has to do with where you want to use the bag.

Let’s narrow things down a little. The first consideration you can take into account in your budget. Sleeping bags can be found for around $10 right up to $1000 plus. There’s no point in choosing a sleeping bag if you can’t afford the price, so first of all consider how much you have to spend. How many bags do you need? This narrows your choices considerably.

Next, you should think about the time of year you are thinking of going camping and when you will be using your sleeping bag. Most family camping holidays happen in the late spring, summer and early autumn months. If you’re going camping at the height of the summer you won’t need a sleeping bag that is designed to keep you warm at arctic temperatures, a light cover will do.

Finally, your choice is going to depend on personal preference. What does the sleeping bag actually feel like to you? Do you like roominess or would you prefer a snugger fit? This is where good camping shops come in. They will let you try out the sleeping bag. Get in there, like you would if you were trying out a new mattress. An alternative is to buy from an online shop with a good return policy, such as If you purchase from Amazon and you don’t like the bag, they will give you a no quibble money back guarantee. Buy a single sleeping bag and try it out. If you like it you can buy more. If you don’t like it, just send it back and order another.


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