Camping – There is no Better Place for Family Bonding

In most households, you mention the word “camping” and it is met with squeals of delight. Or so you hope! In today’s techno crazy world, what better way to spend some unplugged family time than to go camping? That’s all very well, until you get there. Let’s take a look at how the whole family can stay entertained whilst having fun. The B word is not an option!

Give the kids some responsibility – this is a brilliant way to make them feel useful and appreciated. Set out simple tasks that they can do independently, such as unpacking or setting out the camping “furniture”.

Be more trustworthy – with responsibility comes trust. Make your kids feel less restricted than at home. Let them build a fire, for example. This will not only keep them busy for hours, but it will give them an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention a life skill!

Let them have a say. As parents, we tend to dictate what happens when. Let them decide for once. That way you know that when the activity happens, it’s bound to be a fun experience.

Do something together as a family. Board games around the fire are excellent ways to bond with your children. It encourages open communication and teaches kids about working together as a team. It is also a great idea to get them to help you prepare a meal. Easy tasks like peeling vegetables are great in getting them to do something constructive. Another life skill!

Tell scary stories around the fire. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand and the kids become too afraid to sleep! You do not want that happening!

Music – Create your own nature “band” by making music with sticks, rocks and stones. See who can create the best tune and dish out a small prize for the winner. This is an innovative family activity provided it doesn’t disturb fellow campers.

Whatever is unpacked needs to be packed up again – make sure you delegate acceptable packing up tasks at the end of the trip. Kids need to learn that with fun and mess, comes cleaning and clearing up. This is a great sentiment to take home with you and reinforce in everyday home life.

Lastly, have some bonding and quiet time of your own as a couple. Once the kids are tucked up for the night, simply get out your books and read together. Just knowing your loved one is close by, while listening to the sound of nature works wonders for the soul.

So, after reading what a fantastic bonding experience camping can be for the whole family, I bet you can’t wait to dust off the tent and get going!


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