Why Your Body Will Thank You if You go Camping

To some, the idea of going camping is a matter of excitement and enthusiasm. However, not everyone is so keen on the idea of leaving behind the modern trappings of the world they are used to, even for a short time. Nonetheless, sometimes leaving modernity behind for a few days or weeks is exactly what our bodies want us to do.

Let’s face it, modern technology is addictive, whether it is television, video games, Facebook or even just surfing the web, we are spending more and more of our time glued to a screen of some kind. Many of us spend most of our working hours sitting at a computer before coming home to do exactly the same thing. It is not just all the sitting that is bad for us; the artificial light can play havoc with our body clocks and decrease both the quality and quantity of sleep that we get. This has a negative knock-on effect on how much energy we have and affects our overall health.

The only way that we can repair some of the damage we are inflicting upon ourselves through our addiction to technology is by spending some time where we are literally out of its reach. Camping is the perfect way to do this. For the whole history of humankind, until the very last few years, we lived our lives perfectly well without the constant need for status updates. It would do everyone some good to try out this sort of lifestyle occasionally. Not only will you probably sleep better, but you will breathe in cleaner air than in the city and take in more beautiful and natural surroundings.

Also, during a camping holiday, you will be active. Not so much that your muscles will be aching you at the end of every day (unless that’s what you want), but enough that you will burn some serious calories and feel fitter and healthier. You will spend time outside whether it is hiking, swimming, cycling (remember your bike and helmet!), playing games, or just watching the local birdlife. Ultimately, you will almost definitely return home in better physical condition than when you arrived.

Finally, close your eyes for a moment and picture a place that makes you feel at peace. The image you had in your mind is almost certainly more likely to be found on a camping holiday than on a city break. I am not saying that city breaks are a bad idea, but if you want a holiday where you will recharge your batteries and come back feeling truly refreshed and better than when you left, then camping is the best option.


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