5 Top Tips for Camping With Kids

child1Do you remember your first ever night sleeping in a tent? Few memories beat that first outdoors camp fire or the drama of listening to the sounds of nature as you drift off to sleep. Do you remember the excitement of looking up at the stars or of getting as grubby as you liked and it didn’t matter?? Camping is a great way of taking kids on holiday and the chances are they will appreciate and remember it much more than they would staying in an expensive hotel or fancy resort. Children naturally love being in the open air and camping lets them experience a fun and healthy outdoor lifestyle, something that is missing from most modern children’s lives.

If you are planning to go camping with children here are 5 top tips to make sure that your trip will be an unforgettable success and that your children will be keen to go camping again.

1. Bring more warm clothes than you think you’ll need:

There is no harm in over-packing. It is much better to bring some warm clothes that you do not use than to not bring something that you end up wishing you had. This means long sleeves, fleeces, thick socks and waterproofs in case the temperature drops more than you expected when the sun goes down, or it is wetter than you anticipated. If they don’t need to be worn they can double-up as extra padding on the tent floor.

2. Make sure your children can sleep:

While part of the attraction of camping is a return to basics, it is vital to ensure that your children are still comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. Let your children try out their sleeping bags before you go on your trip and if they struggle to adjust then consider bringing a duvet for them instead.

3. Plan some activities that your children will enjoy:

This could be cycling, swimming, canoeing, hiking or something else. It is important to find out beforehand what equipment you can hire on site and what equipment you will need to bring with you. Remember to bring helmets for your children if you plan on cycling. If all goes to plan then your children will be tired, but happy at the end of the day.

4. Have a plan in case it rains:

There is always a chance that the weather may alter your plans for a day or more, so always have a plan about what to do if it rains. It is usually good to bring a pack of cards with you on any camping trip. Look up on the internet before you go for simple card game ideas. Of course, if you have waterproof clothes and the children are still keen to go, then you don’t have to let the rain interfere with going for a hike. It may even end up being one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

5. Bring a first aid kit:

With children enjoying the outdoors, there is always a chance they may pick up a few bumps and scratches along the way. It is best to be prepared just in case with a couple of bandages and plasters. Also remember to bring some insect bite remedies.


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