A Beginners Guide to Camping in the Rain

The success of your camping trip hinges primarily on choosing the right site and ideally enjoying perfect weather. However, you don’t necessarily have to pack up and go home if you experience torrential rain, as there may be a way to enjoy your trip in the wet. In certain situations it may not be possible to end the holiday early, so keep reading to find out how to cope with heavy rain when trying to experience the Great Outdoors.

Pre-Plan Your Location

It’s always better to be prepared rather than being surprised by the weather. Think about the location of your chosen camping site and consider what would happen if it rained during the trip. For a start, you need to know where the water will run. Will it run towards your tent or away from it? If the rain runs towards your tent it will be necessary to dig emergency trenches away from it to prevent everyone from being knee deep in muddy water.

Setting Up

If you’re forced to set up the tent in the rain, construct a tarp and store the most important items there to keep them dry. If you have a relatively small tent, it may be possible to set it up beneath the tarp which would save you a whole lot of trouble. Without a tarp, your only realistic options are to move fast and use towels to wipe down wet gear or stay in your car in the hope the rain subsides.

Bring an Extra Shelter

This can be a real life-saver and is recommended if there is a high risk of rain during your camping trip. It serves as an excellent place to wait out the rain, store gear or even cook and eat in. In addition, this shelter is a fantastic backup plan in case your main accommodation has a leak. While a pop-up shelter is ideal, a large tarp can be very effective.

The Right Gear

Lightweight wet weather gear is easily found online and is relatively inexpensive. The best materials are synthetic, such as nylon and polyester, whereas cotton is a terrible choice in the rain for obvious reasons. Waterproof bags are also essential; even garbage bags are a good option, so bring plenty of them.

Extra Information

Don’t allow your bedding to touch the sides of the tent as it can quickly get soaked. Never try to cook inside your tent. Instead, bring some emergency meals that don’t require cooking. There are also a wide range of campfire stoves available to buy; they are useful when you can’t create a classic campfire.

You don’t have to let the rain ruin your camping trip or cause it to turn into a sodden disaster. If you prepare correctly, you can ride out the rain and hopefully still enjoy your adventure.


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