How to Enjoy and Preserve Nature When Camping

Camping is not only a wonderful opportunity to get the entire family together, it gives you the chance to communicate with nature. The entire experience is about enjoying the Great Outdoors, seeing the stunning stars in a beautifully clear sky, hearing the birds sing and marvelling at animals in their natural habitat. However, it is far too easy to pack in a hurry and bring a host of disposable items. They may be convenient for you, but are hazardous to the environment. If you’re camping this summer, please continue reading for some quick tips on protecting nature.

Take Re-usable Items

Don’t make the mistake of taking low standard plastic cups, cutlery and plates that you’re only going to throw away. Okay, so you will have to wash everything and re-use it, but at least you won’t be polluting the woods with your rubbish. Take a tub to wash your dishes and use biodegradable soap. Whenever possible, dump water down a drain instead of on your campsite.

Cook on the Campfire

Cooking on the barbecue is a popular and fun camping activity, but it is much better for the environment if you cook your food on the campfire. There is a host of camping equipment available that makes it easy to cook on the fire rather than using propane on the barbecue.

Purchase Goods in Bulk

As well as saving money, you also help nature! Don’t bring individually packaged items such as water bottles and bring food and drink in reusable containers instead of in their original packaging. The less waste you leave behind, the better.

Park Your Vehicle up and Cycle or Walk

Once you park your van or car, you shouldn’t use it again until it’s time to go home. Find a trail map and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. If you want to get ice-cream or sight-see, hike or bike instead of driving. This allows you to explore the scenic beauty of the area, get fresh air and some welcome exercise!

Clean Up!

There is an old camping saying which says you should leave nothing behind only footprints. When it is time to go home, explore your camping area and clean up rubbish, broken glass, tent pegs and anything else that belongs to you.

The three R’s (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle) are especially pertinent to camping trips. Nature provides you with so much wonder and beauty, the least you can do is respect it enough to keep it clean by leaving your campsite in as good a condition as it was when you found it.


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