4 Reasons to Take the Bikes and Make Your Camping Trip Extra Special

It might seem obvious that camping and cycling go hand in hand, but for many of us city-dwellers, the family bikes might be covered in dust at the back of a messy shed and it will take half an hour of heavy lifting to dig them out. That’s if they exist at all! Not only that, but fitting a bike rack to the back of a car can seem like an even more momentous challenge to those who aren’t used to doing it. You might have decided it’s not worth the effort, but the chances are the trip will be a much more positive experience if you go to the effort of bringing some bikes for you and your family to enjoy. Here are 4 simple reasons why it’s worth all the extra effort.

1 You can ditch the car

It can get a bit monotonous travelling everywhere by car all the time. If you’ve brought the bikes along, then as soon as you’re at your campsite you can pretty much ditch the car and get around quickly and easily by bike. When you’re cycling, the journey becomes an adventure in itself rather than a chore, especially for the kids who’d otherwise just be stuck in the back seat with nothing to do.

2 It’s a great form of exercise

Cycling is great for your cardiovascular system and also helps you to burn a tonne of calories when you’d otherwise just be sitting in the car burning practically nothing. Choosing to take the bikes instead of the car is the simplest way to make sure that you’re camping trip leaves you feeling in better condition than you were before it.

3 It’s the best way of getting around

In the open country there are lots of places a bike can get to that a car can’t reach. If you didn’t have the bikes, then you’d have to walk at least some of the journey if you want to explore properly. Cycling can often be the quickest and easiest way of getting around on a camping trip.

4 It can be a bonding experience

Cycling gives you a chance to bond with the people you’re travelling with because of the sense of adventure that you don’t get with other forms of transport. It’s something that people of all ages, even otherwise surly teenagers, are usually happy to do. This means it can be a great way of spending quality family time in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

A camping holiday is the perfect time to ditch the car and take up an alternate, healthier and altogether more relaxing and bonding way of getting around. Even if cycling isn’t something you usually do, a camping trip can really be brought to life if you bring along your bikes, or even hire some before you go.


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